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Saturday, February 4, 2012

60 Days - No pennies spent out to eat

So in the middle of January we went on the Scentsy Leadership Retreat in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  It was beautiful and all inclusive and super posh (hot tub for two in my room overlooking the balcony overlooking the ocean).  Couldn't ask for much more.  But of course, Scentsy always gives more.  And one of their trainers that they brought in for us was Chris Locurto, who is this finance trainer that went from being severely in debt to being a millionaire in about 5 years.  Scentsy not only wants us to make a lot of money with the company, but they want us to have the skills to keep it and to turn it into even more money on our own.  So they provided us with the absolute best personal financial training out there.

Now, what in the world does financial training have to do with a Weight Loss blog, right?!!?  I know you're wondering.  Well, here's how it ties in.  My husband and I challenged ourselves that when we got home from Mexico to do 60 days of no spending money eating out.  We have a few groupons and gift certificates to use up, but no actual spending of money.  Not only will we save about $1000 bucks (because we do eat out a lot) in the 2 month time period, but we'll be a lot healtier just cooking at home.

So today, Feb. 4th, we're 18 days into the challenge.  I did buy one coffee drink out - bad me.  But other than that, we're doing great.  We've saved a crap load of money and we're both down a few pounds.  Cooking whatever we want, but cooking it at home.  Healtier than our old eating out most of the week.

So starting today, I'm going to try to share with you a recipe a day.  Now sometimes we are eating leftovers or we just have salads or soup from a can or something.  But if we cook something, I'm going to try to post it.  I will not promise that all of these recipes will be healthy, but they will be yummy - in fact they will be yummier than going to a restaurant.  And that alone can help you shed some pounds!

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